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Artificial Intellengce can predict changes in DNA


Recently it has been seen that it is possible to have DNA changes as far as the AI is concerned. This was successfully approved thanks to the new genomics research which was performed by a team of researchers from Stanford University in California.

In a statement cited from nature genetics, a paper which primarily speaks on new genetic development said that the newly introduced artificial intelligence (AI) can be helpful when it comes to the DNA structural analysis. In their statement, the research team stated that after an in-depth study of DNA structure using the AI, the team was able to detect changes in human DNA and this was a great achievement thanks to the AI.

AI has made it possible for researchers in the development of the different system and now it has extended to DNA. According to the research team, AI now after several upgrades can detect any changes in the human DNA structure.

According to the research conducted by the research team, AI has managed to suppress the human DNA and more so detect small changes in the human DNA structure a thing which was impossible a few years ago. According to the researchers, this is a breakthrough since the AI is not only fast in doing the structural analysis but also 100% accurate.

On the other hand, it means that the next field to benefit from this new research method using artificial intelligence is the genomics. Before the existence of the artificial intelligence analysis came to reality, most of the scientists only relied on the lab research which was used in DNA change detection.

According to reports from the previous research methods of DNA changes, the procedure was not only time consuming but also costly. This was costly and time-consuming since DNA changes underwent multiple changes after been exposed to the analysis.

Researchers, on the other hand, helped in teaching the AI in detecting of particular changes when it comes to DNA structural changes. This, however, has helped AI in adapting to any new changes in human DNA.

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