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Top EU Officer Says That The UK Could Reverse BREXIT by Unilaterally Revoking Article 50

According to recent reports, an EU officer in a statement said that it was literary possible for the UK to reverse Brexit by unilaterally revoking article 50. From a published law article, a general advocate originating from the European Court of Justice published that before the Brexit matter was concluded, the case would be heard by a group of Scottish politician.

In addition to the case, a written opinion by Manuel Campos Sanchez Bordona who is a personal legal solution responded to the question concerning the UK Brexit fate on whether the UK which is a member of the European Union could at any point revoke the Brexit on its own if the country opts to repeal article 50.  Or whether the process would require all the 27 members in determining the fate of the Brexit plan.

According to the courts’ statement, this opinion is not legally binding and also this would not apply at any point after the case was presented a week in the European Court of Justice shortly after the case was referred to the Scotland highest civil court. This court which is also seen to as session court.

However, after the hearing, a statement which was drawn from the discussion of the case said that in accordance to the question asked on whether it is possible to revoke the Brexit, advocate general in their statement during the hearing proposed of allowing the UK in the future to revoke the Brexit without literary affecting the EU agreement and more so allowing repealing of article 50 which could allow UK change however they like their Brexit plan to look like.

This following the matter would help UK make changes at whatever time they wished to and also allow the UK the freedom to either remain in the European Union or withdrawal from the union. According to the idea posted by the advocates, this would enable the UK in doing whatever they wish to do excluding abusive practice with the other European Union members. This however according to European Court of Justice was a formal notice.

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