According to news reports from Quora, system invaders just compromised about 100 million accounts. The platform in an interview stated that even though your mind might be safe – this message directed to the individuals with Quora account – the best thing to do just in case you are in doubt about your mind you have to reset.

Earlier on Monday, the organization in an open statement announced that it had discovered that user some user account was being used by invaders and that those accounts were being compromised and that this third party had all the access to this accounts without permissions from the owners. This was reported to have happened to one of the systems the organization owned.

However, the organization said that at the moment it has taken care of and contained the situation.

In accordance to this system invasion, yesterday, the organization was able to give a full report on the matter, according to the report, breached data which the invaders managed to scoop was public content, actions like upvote, actions and comment, and individual account information. In addition to the breached data, direct messages and downvotes were also compromised, but from the organization, this two are used by a small percentage of individuals.

More so, account data which was involved in the breach included email addresses and individual original IDs. Encrypted passwords were also compromised. In assurance of this matter, the organization in a statement said that at the moment the specialist is working in logging out all the affected users and going to the extent of pushing in a new reset password for the users to be able to reset their systems band added new passwords to their compromised accounts.

According to the organization, apart from the compromised users, there is a new system register implemented on the system such that after the encryption, the system adds users with a hashed property which is different to each’s account. Nevertheless, the information provided by the organization does not at any point stipulate which data in the reports were breached.