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Breaking News: £ 15m to Spend On Improvements for Passengers, GTR Ordered

According to recent reports, the department of transport said in a statement that Govia Thameslink Railway would contribute £15M in the improvement of all rail services most the passenger sector. The department also added that in accordance’s to the records, the company would provide that amount without making a single profit at the end of this year.

Considering the performance changes, the authorities said that there would be no timetable changes as proposed by May, the authorities announced that these changes are unacceptable. In addition to this, the MPs also concluded by saying that Chris Grayling, transport Secretary, before issuing this command to the company should have considered being more of proactive when it came to preventing this from happening.

From scathing information in a report by May, her timetable line up might change, but the Transport Secretary added that this would only change if the changes were all worth it. Nevertheless, from reports, Mr. Grayling has not yet been given the full information concerning the spending of £15M and so as far as the law is concerned, Mr. Grayling has all the rights to absolve from any of the responsibilities stated by the department of transport.

However, things seemed somehow extraordinary considering that no one took any responsibility concerning the matter. Mr. Graying, on the other hand, went ahead and accepted his mistakes which he had made. During a BBC interview, he said that he receives all the responsibilities to himself and that up to now, the transport department has not asked him questions yet following the issue.

Nevertheless, he added in his statement that at no instance did he get the information about the matter, but if at any point he received the news, then he would intervene the case.

According to information, Govia Thameslink Railway Company at the moment contributes to about 65% of the UK transportation firm. Therefore, as the transport department made their announcement though they had stripped the Govia Thameslink Railway Company thereby causing undue disruptions and more so excessive pressure on the passengers and this would be an inappropriate action to take against the entire company.

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