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Research Shows That Red Tape Might Prevent Patients from Acquiring New Drugs

According to recent reports, the Institute of cancer research said that there are some drugs with no license since 2000 on the war against cancer. This issue has risen due to the fact most of the cancer patients out there are missing mainly on all the new ways in the innovation of new drugs.

However, red tapes, on the other hand, are considered being one of the significant factors behind prevention of new ways and drugs in the war against cancer. According to a researcher on the cancer drugs, the red tapes are what affect the development of new cancer drugs since this red tapes are primarily the major factors behind the fail in the innovation of new medicines.

From the research done by different medical care facility and medical research institutions, children cancer comes first as far as lack of new drug over the cancer disease is concerned. This new cancer way has no idea about any new drug which could be used in the prevention of this deadly disease.

According to reports, many drug companies are currently pulling out on this research since the research concludes to dead end thereby costing the drug companies and leaving this company with nothing but losses. Due to these loopholes created by one analysis is what has led to the halt of major clinical trials from being carried on.

Recent reports have seen a significant boom when it comes to the development of drugs to cancer such as lungs and blood cancer. However, there has been extreme suffering when it comes to other types of cancer. It has been reported that since 2000 no drug has been licensed apart from lung cancer and blood cancer.

Among the cancer disease with no development include womb cancer which according to reports is the most known cancer when it comes to women in the united kingdom. Another type of cancer diseases with no development yet include brain cancer and testicular cancer among many others. According to the UK, over 11500 people are diagnosed with the above type of cancer.

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