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The UK Can Abandon Brexit, ECJ Expert Says

European legal remain campaigner hailed the opinion which proposed that the UK may unilaterally abandon their Brexit plan saying that the Brexit is among the significant factors which mostly boosts the countries effort in stopping the existence of the European Union.

In accordance to this proposal, on Tuesday, Campos Sanchez Bordona, a senior legal adviser in connection to the European court of justice in a statement in court said that he has believed and had faith that at any instance the UK may opt to revoke independently article 50.

Campos Sanchez Bordona, also the court’s general advocate also added that it is essential if MP’s knew that they had all the power in terminating all matters concerned with the Brexit process if at any instance the MP’s wished to end the Brexit.

Also, the MP’s had the power to dismiss the Brexit process by indicating that this Brexit process is a theoretical issue. This means that United Kingdom Brexit processes may vary this time when it comes to reforming problems within the entire plan.

In addition to this, according to the way things are currently going, Campos Sanchez Bordona case is being upheld in Luxembourg given his full opinion on the Brexit abandon meant by the MP’s votes.

This followed shortly after a legal battle which blew off between all the country’s MP’s, MEPs and MSPs, which come a fortnight before the conclusion of the Brexit process. The labor MP, Chris Bryant who was campaigning for the second referendum which will be held by the European Union, who also was involved with the ongoing legal action on Brexit processing option in Luxembourg.

During the campaign, Bryant said that this ongoing debate meant that the Brexit plan would have a fundamental shift at the end of the bargain. Finally, in a statement, Bryant said that this plan would eventually terminate all claims raised by Theresa May that the United Kingdom may opt two things, either no deal at all ordeal on the Brexit processes.

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