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Ministers Fight Over Theresa May’s Brexit Deal

Ministers are expected to battle for a win over the MP’s on Theresa May’s Brexit plan a day after the entire US suffered from a three key vote defeat. According to reports, the major is to be discussed for the five days which the debate will be held will be on security issues.

Nevertheless, the marathon session held on the debate is expected to be extended early in the hours. Crucially, the MP’s together backed the calls in giving a direct say of what will happen if at any point Teresa May deal will be rejected within a week.

In an interview with BBC, with the former Tory chief, in her view, he expects that after the voting by the ministers and the MP’s, Prime Minister Teresa May would lose during the vote. During the voting, Mark Harper who also backed the remaining members during the referendum said that he would be voting against all withdrawal agreement which existed on the Brexit plan.

He said so since in his view and the Intel he has gathered, 80 of his fellow party colleagues would reject then deal thereby this would not hold. According to trending reports in the UK, the Brexit deal has already been endorsed by the European Union leaders and in accordance to this, it a must that the agreement is backed by UK parliament the country needs to come directly into force with the MP’s.

In accordance to the deal, MP’s are expected by the European Union to either accept or reject the Brexit agreement by December 11, 2018, next Tuesday.

In addition to the Brexit deal, Mr. Harper is currently urging prime minister in the renegotiation of the agreement. He proposed this to the prime minister informing her that if he doesn’t renegotiate the Brexit deal with the European Union, then the current plan will not only affect the European Union but also affect the UK at large leaving the country in the worst condition. However, on Wednesday, the ministers are trying harder in ensuring that they achieve a win against the MP’s in this fight for UK’s Brexit deal with the European Union members.

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