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Major Policy Reversal Led Tumblr to Burn All Pornography


In an official release statement, Tumblr said that at this moment they are working on banning all the adult content in the platform. This major decision came shortly after the platform experienced a significant reversal in the company’s policy. This, however, happened due to the availability of the platform name and provision of explicit content in the site.

However, not all content will be banned on the site as stated, in an interview said that at the moment only the content which is explicit are the one to be banned from the site, the rest will remain intact. In addition to this, the platform said that anything explicit including GIF’s, videos, photos and illustrations which reveals or displays human genitals or female nipples are the type of content which will be scraped from the site.

Nevertheless, in addition to this information, the site will still retain exceptional examples like exposer of female nipples only on occasions of breastfeeding, before and after birth and more so health-related cases. In addition to this, the site said that other occasions like post-mastectomy would also be displayed on the platform among others being gender surgery and more others related to health situations.

Following this, the officials said that content like nude pictures related to politics and erotic pics could also be posted freely on Tumblr. According to reports, this major decision made by the platform come shortly after the Tumblr app disappeared from the IOS application store and after some time the application emerged with relations to child abuse and sexuality on its platform through its blog post.

In accordance to the new rule set by the company, any content which was previously posted on the site will be altered, provided the content which was published in the site breaches this new rule which the platform recently set. However, the alteration will only affect the public, but on the other side, the person responsible for posting will still be able to view the post.

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