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Search for Rare Blood Type, A Toddler with Cancer

An international search has been initiated in search of blood donors in aid of a little girl who is reported to be battling with cancer. Zainab Mughal, a two-year-old kid according to reports suffers from neuroblastoma, and she needs immediate blood-saving transfusions.

However, transfusion is not the issue. The issues fall under getting compatible donor as she has a rare genetic component in her blood which is tough to find. According to the diagnosis done to her blood to determine the donor compatibility, the doctors stated in their reports that Zainab blood lacks a common antigen which most of the people carry which is known as Indian B.

According to reports from the doctors, to keep the kid alive, immediate transfusion is needed specifically form a donor who should have O or A –type blood and more so should be an Indian, Pakistani or Iranian.

However, according to medical reports all over the world, from an ethnic group of members, less than 2% carry with them this genetic variation.

Zainab as the residence is concerned lives in Florida in the US and at the moment she is being attended to by OneBlood which is considered a not for profit organization.

Following the search, three have been good news as up to now three donors have been found some of whom originate from the UK. The bad news is that for Zainab to be able to fight this cancer; then she needs more donors since for the whole blood transfusion to be completed successfully, then she will need a lot of blood and the three donors cannot provide the amount need for the operation.

Together, OneBlood and Zainab family have decided to go international and have decided to launch a global search to get more donors who could help in obtaining the required amount of blood during the operation of blood transfusion.

Neuroblastoma from researchers dealing with cancer cases is rear cancer which is reported to affect mostly young children and babies.

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