Research in the spirit of “the top 10 best cities in the world” is conducted annually, so there is plenty of material for thought. Let’s look at one of the most recent – from the consulting company Mercer. It is indicative of the criteria by which analysts evaluate the quality of life in European cities. We recommend taking note of these criteria.

There are 39 of them, the main ones:

  • political, social and economic environment;
  • criminogenic situation and crime rate;
  • quality of medical care;
  • the quality of education;
  • provision of water and electricity;
  • transport infrastructure and public transport;
  • level and number of sports facilities;
  • environmental cleanliness and degree of air pollution, etc.

The top ten cities included Germany (Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt), Australia (Sydney), New Zealand (Auckland), Canada (Vancouver), Switzerland (Geneva), Denmark (Copenhagen), and the Austrian Vienna was at the top of the list.

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The best cities that are great for migrants

Of course, the above cities are among the world leaders in quality of life. However, it is sometimes impossible for citizens of third world countries to become residents of most of them. Germany, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Canada pose many extremely difficult conditions for migrants.

At the same time, there are a number of European countries offering special investment programs for migrants. By becoming a participant in such a program, by investing a certain amount in the development of the national economy, you can obtain a residence permit, and in some countries permanent residence or even citizenship right away. Such countries in Europe include Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Greece. It should be noted that immediately two cities from the aforementioned rating – Vienna, and Geneva – belong to the country’s most loyal to migrants, here also Best Single leo women from Ukraine for dating.

You can compare programs for obtaining residence permits/permanent residence/citizenship in these countries on this page of our website.

The best cities to relax and work

Note that cities from the countries we mentioned regularly occupy high places in individual ratings. In particular, this year Palma de Mallorca (Spain) became the leader in the ranking of the cities of the world where it is best to live, published by the British newspaper called “The Times”. According to experts, it is ideal not only to relax but also to work.

Pleasant climate, picturesque nature, high level of infrastructure and … more than 300 sunny days a year. Plus, favorable conditions for doing business, inexpensive real estate (houses from 100 thousand euros) and quality health care services. All this makes this city one of the best for living in Europe for people with various incomes.

The best city in terms of quality of life

Vienna (Austria) repeatedly takes first places in the ratings of “10 best cities in the world” in terms of quality of life. The central location in Europe, a stable economy, excellent ecology, personal security of citizens, perfect legislation – these are the main advantages of Austria. And the opening of a business in Vienna, the purchase of real estate there, many wealthy gentlemen from around the world consider as a profitable investment.

It is also an ideal city to study – Vienna universities are always among the leaders of European education. This option is suitable for wealthy people who are ready to participate in the Austrian investment program.

The best city to do business

By the simplicity of starting a business in London (UK), many experts put in first place in the EU and call the business capital of Europe. The local administration has simplified the conditions for doing business as much as possible. It is especially beneficial here to develop or invest in IT.

In addition, the standard of living in London is one of the highest in Europe. Here are world-famous universities. You can get a residence permit here within 4 months. At the same time, you have the opportunity to visit 174 countries of the world on business visits without a visa. This option is also suitable for wealthy people, as it involves significant investment to obtain a residence permit.

The best city to buy property

This year, the top ten European cities attractive to real estate buyers confidently entered Lisbon (Portugal). In 2014, investment in commercial real estate in Portugal doubled compared to 2013. And the lion’s share of investments fell precisely on Lisbon. Given that in this country you can get a residence permit for buying real estate worth 500 thousand euros, this is a good option for people who are confidently looking to the future.

Real estate in the city rises in price, as does the cost of renting elite offices. At the same time, Lisbon ranks 41st in the ranking of cities with a high quality of life. It is easy to do business here, and the cost of living for a family is at the average European level – about 2 thousand euros per month.

The best city in terms of accessibility

In order to settle in Budapest (Hungary) and obtain permanent residence or citizenship here, you do not need as much money as in other European countries. It is enough to invest 300 thousand euros in the economy or to buy real estate that meets the requirements of the law for any amount. Budapest is mentally closer to immigrants from the CIS countries, and here it will be easier for our compatriots to adapt, although the Hungarian language is not the easiest.

There are many historical places, ancient buildings. The standard of living, social benefits in this city corresponds to the average European level. At the same time, prices for products, services, and housing are much lower. In addition, permanent residence status or Hungarian citizenship allows you to freely move to other EU countries, which is important for people doing business.

The city with the greatest potential

In 2015, PwC and Urban Land Institute experts placed Athens (Greece) in 5th place in Europe for the benefits of investing and doing business. The thing is that the Greek government in order to overcome the crisis has simplified the taxation system as much as possible, which attracts investors from all over the world to the country. The most popular, of course, is the capital of the country.

At the moment, talking about the stability of the Greek economy is premature, but most experts believe in its development potential. In addition to what Athens is called an open-air museum, it has the lowest taxes in Europe. In addition, the cost of living here is one of the most affordable in the EU, but at the same time products and services correspond to the European level of quality.

The best cities to live in Europe

Palma de Mallorca, Spain. A mild climate, one of the best healthcare systems in Europe, good conditions for doing business. Residence permit for investments in the amount of 500 thousand euros (+ 10 thousand euros for registration) with a guarantee of return for 5 years.

Vienna, Austria. The highest quality of life in the EU, guarantees of personal and economic security, profitable investment in real estate, quality university education. Citizenship for a significant contribution to the economy (+ costs for registration of 50-100 thousand euros) – most often more than 6 million euros.

London, Great Britain. Ease of opening and running a business. The highest standard of living, quality education. Residence permit/citizenship for an investment of 2 million pounds.

Lisbon, Portugal. Profitable investment in real estate. Central European prices with a fairly high standard of living. Residence permit through an investment of 500 thousand euros (+ 10 thousand euros for registration).

Budapest, Hungary. With the average European quality of life, low prices for housing, services, products. Ease of obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence miles of citizenship. Permanent residence for investments of 300 thousand euros (+60 thousand euros for registration) with a guarantee of return for 5 years. Athens, Greece. Low taxes compared to other EU countries. Low prices for products and services with average European quality. Residence permit through investments of 250 thousand euros (+10 thousand euros of costs). The deadline for receipt is 1 month. Where is it better to emigrate?