Watching a sporting event can give an incredible burst of emotions in moments when a team wins a big game or loses a chance of winning. Female fans of this or that sport are devoted to their teams, as watching the game gives women pleasant moments, distracts from everyday problems, allows them to meet friends of interest, have an exciting conversation, and also take a break from work.

Why do girls watch sports?

This may sound strange, not only men but also girls love to heatedly discuss the results in different sports and worry if their favorite team has fewer medals than others. Our experts identified six reasons for this behavior.

  • Lazy workout

We all know that it’s good to play sports, not to just watch sports broadcasts. But Australian physiologists are willing to argue with this statement. They found out that the same processes occur in the fans’ bodies as in athletes: the pulse and breathing become more frequent, sweating intensifies, and blood rushes to the muscles. It turns out that watching sports is such a lazy exercise for the cardiovascular system. And the love of sports improves strategic thinking. American scientists have found that women who regularly watch sports games better solve strategic problems in life.

  • Sports therapy

In the early 1990s, an American psychologist found out that women who watch sports are more self-confident and less prone to depression than ordinary citizens. Maybe because watching sports is a kind of therapy? During watching favorite sport, women can scream, dance with joy and even cry, and no one will condemn them.

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  • They don’t feel alone

Psychologists have found that fans of some sports are less likely to feel lonely because they consider themselves members of the team. And indeed, when you do what you like (and in this case, watch sports), you don’t think about loneliness. In addition, studies have shown that sports fans make new friends easily. But loneliness not only spoils the mood but also destroys health. In this condition, a person’s blood pressure rises, the level of the stress hormone increases, and chronic diseases worsen. In addition, studies have shown that people living in isolation are more likely to suffer from heart disease.

  • The joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat

When you can share the joy with someone, you become happier. Feelings resonate and amplify many times. A similar psychological effect can be felt during the festivities. When women feel that tens or even hundreds of other people share their feelings, they better deal with negative emotions. This is one of the best ways to replace aggression.

  • They stimulate own libido

The erotic component can’t be ignored. There are pretty athletes, young, active, aggressive successful…not only men but women like to look at them. In addition, everyone can imagine themselves as athletes.

  • Lack of bright events in life

Ordinary life is predictable and clearly planned, and such a powerful ritual as watching a sport is expected as a kind of super-event. For example, the Olympics have been going on for more than two weeks: this is a long holiday, communication, you can remember about it for a long time. In addition, women see something new every day, so the daily emotions are provided to them.

What sports do girls prefer?  

We are used to thinking that men are more passionate about sports than girls. But in fact, women also enjoy watching sports.

  1. Football

It’s not a secret to anybody that football is the most popular sport in the world. Soccer, as the Americans call it, remains at the top for a long time and no other sport can compete with it by the criterion of popularity. This is not only the most spectacular but also the most popular sport because everyone can play football. The most famous are the English and Spanish Premier League. And every four years, the World Cups are held, which are a significant event not only for fans but also for people who are not particularly interested in football.

  • Cricket

Cricket is not so popular in many countries, but this doesn’t prevent it from remaining one of the most favorite games and having more than 1 billion female fans around the world. A crazy number of cricket fans live in Pakistan, England, India, and Australia. Interest in this sport doesn’t fade, especially in the game in the style of T-20.

  • Field Hockey

According to some sources, field hockey has existed since the 3rd century BC. The game is similar to football, but instead of legs, players kick the ball with special clubs. This sport is very popular among Indian, Malaysian and Chinese women, and in Pakistan, it is a national sport. In the second half of the 20th century, India and Pakistan had the best teams in field hockey, but over time, Australia and the Netherlands also mastered the game well and became one of the best on the planet.

  • Big Tennis

This is the 4th most popular sport in the world according to women. Unlike previous types, tennis is an individual kind. The big difference from other sports is that there is no superiority of men’s competitions over women’s in tennis. All tournaments where men and women play have the same prize and the same importance.

  • Volleyball

Perhaps this will be strange for many but volleyball takes 5th place of this top. This game is quite simple, affordable and less traumatic. Volleyball was invented by an American William Morgan in 1895. He took some elements of handball, basketball, tennis, and baseball, and as a result, came up with a new unique sport, which is played by people of different ages to this day. Volleyball is very popular among women in the USA, Italy, Brazil, France, and Turkey. In Asia, this game is in good demand among Chinese and Japanese women.

  • Table Tennis

A miniature version of tennis originates in England. Previously table tennis was called Ping Pong. The game has become popular on many continents due to its simplicity. Here you need a minimum of equipment for the game. In addition, unlike tennis, player endurance is not the most important factor in success. A good reaction is what sportsmen need to demonstrate in this sport. It is also quite popular among female sports fans.

  • Baseball

Most of the people in the world have never held a baseball bat in their hands, however, in countries such as the United States and Japan, baseball is played even in the streets. Residents of these two countries love this sport, and many begin to practice it from childhood to become a professional baseball player in the future. Oddly enough, but Japan and the United States have the largest and most powerful national leagues.

  • Golf

People say that golf is a game for millionaires. Such a statement makes sense. This sport is most popular among women from Western Europe, North America, and East Asia. Even though golf is all 8th in this top, by income, it is one of the most profitable on the planet. Many professional golfers, such as, for example, Tiger Woods, can earn more than $10 million per year, excluding sponsors.

  • Rugby

This game has become very popular in recent years among more than 200 million viewers. Rugby is one of the most favorite games of women in South America, New Zealand, Australia, and Argentina. There are two types of games: rugby leagues (or rugby 13), rugby union (or rugby union 15). By the way, Britain is considered the actual homeland of rugby.

  1. American football

American football has several things in common with rugby, but these are completely different sports. It is very developed in the United States of America. In the USA, this game is played in schools, universities, and there is also the most popular professional league called the NFL. This sport was formed in the 19th century. Outside the US, American football is not in high demand. Mostly Americans like it.

When it comes to world-famous sports, it’s quite difficult to say which one is the most popular because there are 3,6 billion women on our planet, and each has its own tastes and preferences. That is why there is such a variety of sports in the world.